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Informatization Management & Operational Efficiency!

Visitor Management Systems (VMS) afford companies visibility and control over their visitors, providing safe and seamless experiences for their guests. VMS creates an efficient and streamlined experience that visitors will appreciate. 

We help our customers to manage real-time Access Control data in Mining, Industrial, Logistics, Transportation, Healthcare, Retail, Finance, Livestock, Manufacturing & Many More Industries!

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C66 Mobile Computer
Fully Upgraded Performance, Versatile Functions Enabled

Chainway C66 is a highly expandable large-screen rugged handheld computer. Equipped with Qualcomm octa-core processor and Android 9 / 11 OS, C66 comes with 5.5-inch HD display, barcode scanning, and NFC function. The device supports quick charge and UHF sled for high extensibility. Its Android 11 version offers optional fingerprint recognition, volume measurement, built-in UHF function and with Wi-Fi 6-ready platform for higher data throughput and security that fully satisfy the needs in logistics, warehouse, manufacturing, retail, etc


  1. Help customers to manage real-time data in Access Control for Mining, Industrial, Logistics, Transportation, Healthcare, Retail, Finance, Livestock, Manufacturing and many more.
  2. Covid Electronic Questionnaire with exception notification and temperature reading capture.
  3. Number plate recognition with Validation on blocked vehicle event.
  4. Customer receives a POPIA compliant certificate
  5. Inbound & outbound records with gate to gate timing and vehicle scheduling and order number validations.
  6. Provide a whole range of products and solutions of RFID and barcode technology.
  7. Tracking and tracing of your goods to maximises operational efficiency.
  8. Livestock industry – manage electronically animal identification and provide proof of origin and audit trail movement of product.
  9. Device are personalized to make it work in the way you need it with customised workflows.
  10. Paperless digital record keeping.

Device Features & Functions

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Increase Productivity C66 Mobile Computer!

Visitor Management

Visitor Management Systems (VMS) afford companies visibility and control over their visitors, providing safe and seamless experiences for their guests. VMS creates an efficient and streamlined experience that visitors will appreciate.

Covid-19 Risk Control

Invited visitors may be pre-cleared by completing an online questionnaire. They will need to comply with induction requirements as well as medical and other criteria. The addition of Breathalyser testing can ensure sobriety and compliance with safety standards.

Critical For Organisations.

Security and operations, a visitor management system allow organisations to streamline the process through pre-registration, ID verification, visitor identification with badges, and customisable notifications for hosts and security.

Collect Accurate Data

Companies can collect accurate data, schedule and track visitor information to ensure visitor and employee safety, increase facility security and meet compliance requirements. Vehicle licence validation and safety inspections can be conducted.

Supports Many Industries

Our visitor management solution is a mobile workflow enablement solution for the management of visitors or contractors accessing premises such as offices and office parks, factories, industrial parks, logistics depots, constructions sites, cash centres and national key points.

Professional Installation

Our integration experts understand the challenges many industries face when implementing these systems. We can help you achieve your goals of streamlining visitor processes and, at the same time, exceed your visitors’ expectations.

Authorised reseller & Implementer!

We’ll Meet Your Requirements

Nimbus Solution’s cross-platform
experience and dedication to our long-term relationships with clients ensure that you’ll find a relevant visitor management system based on the needs of your organisation.

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